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The team at Simulation Air boasts a diverse and dynamic blend of talent, with each member bringing their unique military background to the table. Our well-rounded professionals are adept at devising innovative solutions for your LVC challenges.

Mastering the art of Air Warfare requires a combination of experience and unwavering commitment. At Simulation Air, we take immense pride in our rich heritage, extensive expertise, and the comprehensive suite of services we provide.

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Previous exercises and operations

The Exposure

During our time in the military and as Contractors to the Defence and Defence Industry sectors, the team has been involved in many significant exercises and operations and have been deemed Subject Matter Experts in their field of work.

A sample of some of the exercises and operations we’ve completed over the years are listed below.



Homeland Defence

  • Operation SPATE
  • Operation ATLAS
  • Operation PARAPET
  • Tasman Shield

Air Warfare Instructor Course

  • Diamond Seas
  • Diamond Shield
  • Diamond Storm

Major Exercises

  • Talisman Sabre
  • Pitch Black
  • Red Flag Nellis
  • Red Flag Alaska
  • Cope North – Guam

Distributed Mission Training Exercises

  • Vital Prospect
  • Coalition Virtual Strike
  • Ocean Horizon
  • Coalition Virtual Flag
  • Virtual Sentinel Shield
  • Polygon
  • Oceans Horizon
  • Black Skies
  • Viking Raider

Proficiently Operating Advanced Simulation Solutions for a 5th Generation Defence Force

At SimAir, we acknowledge the essential role that state-of-the-art simulation technology plays in the development and operation of a 5th Generation Defence Force. As military operations become more intricate and interdependent, our team is committed to proficiently operating a wide range of advanced simulation systems to support training, planning, and decision-making.

Our skilled professionals have extensive experience operating the following simulation systems

  • PSI – A highly adaptable and versatile simulation platform, designed to create realistic and comprehensive scenarios for training and analysis.
  • ASCOT 7 – A simulation system specialising in airspace management and communications, ASCOT 7 is engineered to provide high-fidelity, realistic environments tailored to meet the unique needs of air defence applications.
  • STAGE – A scenario generation and analysis tool that delivers accurate, high-fidelity virtual environments for military training and mission rehearsal.
  • JCATS – The Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation system, an advanced tool for joint and combined arms training, offering a highly realistic and configurable virtual battlefield.
  • JSAF – The Joint Semi-Automated Forces system, designed to support large-scale, multi-domain exercises and enhance mission readiness across the defence force.
  • AWSIM – A sophisticated air warfare simulation system that replicates the complexities of modern air combat, providing realistic training scenarios and comprehensive mission analysis.
  • JAWBL – The Joint Air and Weapon Battle Laboratory, a versatile simulation environment for testing and evaluating new tactics, techniques, and procedures in a controlled setting.
  • Command PE – A professional-grade command and control simulation tool that allows users to explore various strategies and tactics in diverse, high-fidelity scenarios.
About Simulation Air Services for Defence and Defence Industry Australia

At SimAir, our dedication to operating these advanced simulation systems ensures that our clients can focus on their primary mission objectives. While the systems listed above represent our experience, we remain system agnostic and are ready to utilise any simulation solution that the Commonwealth or stakeholders have purchased. Reach out to us to learn more about how our proficiency in operating simulation systems can benefit your organisation.

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