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Training Services

Simulation Air is an independently-owned consultancy that specialises in providing experienced consultants and operators to the Defence and Defence Industry sectors. Our diverse team of experts boasts a unique combination of skills across the Live, Virtual, and Constructive domains, empowering them to offer invaluable insights and advice to key stakeholders.

At Simulation Air, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver tailored solutions and personalised service, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of expertise and support. Partner with us and discover the difference our dedicated team can make for your organisation.

Exercise Control (EXCON)

Exercise Control

Our Exercise Control services ensure seamless orchestration of simulated scenarios, maximising training effectiveness across diverse domains. Through adept facilitation and cutting-edge technology, we tailor exercises to meet precise objectives, fostering strategic preparedness and skill development for Simulation Interactors across multi-domain environments.

Training Delivery Simulation Air Force Williamtown Australia

Training Delivery

In the defense industry, our Training Delivery offers comprehensive Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) simulations. Through dynamic live exercises, immersive virtual environments and realistic constructive scenarios, we provide tailored training experiences. Our expert facilitators utilise cutting-edge technology to prepare Simulation Interactors for modern warfare complexities, ensuring readiness across different fields.

Operational Analysis Simulation Air Force Williamtown Australia

Operational Analysis

We deliver meticulous Operational Analysis services within the air simulation defense industry, providing invaluable insights to optimise performance. Through advanced analytical methodologies and domain expertise, we offer comprehensive evaluations of operational effectiveness and strategic decision-making. Our recommendations empower stakeholders to enhance their readiness and excel in air simulation operations.

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